Bonefish Harry’s

We are a seafood saloon featuring great New England seafood cooked with an international flair.  Harry’s Oasis, our 1950’s era tiki lounge, will feature all of Harry’s favorites from his travels throughout the Far East, South America, Europe and Mexico.

The Legend of Bonefish Harry’s
Harry Bartlett, aka Bonefish Harry, was the man that opened the trade isles from Maine to Mexico, from South Africa to Hong Kong. He traded in anything he could find and anything people would buy.  The finest of jewels, the nicest of rugs, French champagne, Puerto Rican rum and anything the Rich and famous around the world needed and anything Bonefish Harry could find. Along the way, Harry fell in love with the great food, drink and people he encountered in nearly every port he visited. This saloon is dedicated to Harry. A great man, a strong man, a hungry man and always a thirsty man. Our many cocktails and recipes are from notes that Harry’s daughter Julia found in an old notebook buried amongst his last remaining stash of 100 year old Rum.

The Neighborhood

Bonefish Harry’s is conveniently located on Cabot St in the historic center of downtown Beverly, MA.

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