Michael Keenan

Michael was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. Born the middle child, Michael comes from a family with a long background in the service industry. Michael’s grandfather owned and operated a small chain of breakfast diners and ice cream stands throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts call Smithfield’s. The last remaining being Ulhman’s Ice Cream on Route 30 in Westboro, Massachusetts which opened in the 1980’s, and currently is run by Michael’s Uncle Richard and his family. Uhlman’s was Michael’s first job in the service industry at age 15, and it became his passion from that day forward.

Michael began his management career with Sel de la Terre on Boylston Street in Boston, where he worked for over a year, and then was transferred to their Natick location as General Manager. After a 4 year tenure with SDLT, Michael moved back to Boston to pursue new opportunities. He worked as the opening General Manager of Comedor in Newton Center with the talented Jakob and Fernanda White. While there Michael learned about Good N U Hospitality and joined the management team and opened Article 24.  

Michael’s passion is hospitality and everything that goes along with it. Serving someone food and beverage feels completely comfortable and natural and that building lasting relationships with regular guests and his staff feels like family. Michael’s mantra to his staff each evening centers around ’90 minute friendships’. He believes the guests that enter the building are looking for an experience and that it doesn’t mean just food and drink. It’s the whole package; from the smile and warm greeting they receive at the door, to the friendly interactions they enjoy with our managers, servers and bartenders. He believes that focusing on this builds regular guests that are the life blood of the establishment.

Michael says, “The senior management of Good N U Hospitality encourage us to be owners within the four walls. The management team enjoys a creative freedom not found in many other restaurant groups. It keeps the job engaging and fun. I have the ability to encourage my staff to feel the same way and it creates an environment of proprietorship. The staff sees how much pride and effort the management team puts in the the restaurant ad it is emulated by the staff. They focus on the each small detail to ensure complete guest satisfaction. It’s an environment the management team here wouldn’t have been able to create without the structural freedom provided by Good N U Hospitality to create a restaurant staffed by individual owners who genuinely care about each other and the guests that walk through our doors”.

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