Katie Zyla

Katie grew up in New Hampshire with her mom and sister. She comes from a long line of woman who love to cook and bake. Her passion for the holiday season is inspired by the memories of gatherings in the kitchen at her great grandparent’s house cooking and baking with her family. Katie’s love for the feeling of togetherness while cooking has brought her to the hospitality industry. Her start in the hospitality industry began when she was 14, spending her summer vacations in Delaware with her grandmother, working at The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. From there, Katie has worked in multiple restaurants in both the kitchen and “front of house”.


A large part of Katie’s hospitality history, lays with Legal Sea Foods, where she spent 6 years working on her career. Starting out as a server, Katie quickly worked her way up to management. Working in 4 different locations, she was able to meet several talented people.


Joining Good N U Hospitality in April 2018, Katie looks to spread her knowledge of food, beverage and genuine hospitality. Excited for her journey, her goal is to support the community and offer exceptional cuisine and cocktails to our neighbors from next door to around the world. Treating every guest that walks through our door like family. Most of her time off is spent with her new niece Annabelle and nephew Ayden.

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